Mortgage Lenders

A lenders (Major Banks) of Residential mortgages


The mortgages are also available through other banks (HSBC, ICICI Bank, Home Trust bank etc), credit unions (Vancity, Coast Capital Savings, First Ontario Credit Union and private investors.

Private investors can be accessed only through licensed mortgage brokers.

Private Lenders

Canadian Mortgage Inc.

80% LTV, Max loan $3 million

Greenpath Capital Partners

80% LTV, Max loan $1.5 million

Riverrock Mortgage Investment Corp.

80% LTV,  Max loan $2.5 million

Alta West Capital

90% LTV, Max loan $1.2 million

Canadian Mortgage Inc.

80% LTV, Interest only 35 years amortization, Max loan $3 million

Class B Lenders

Canada Western Bank

First Ontario Credit Union


Home Trust Bank