Vanguard Exchange Traded Funds

Vanguard is the only ETF that works for the investor and not for the financial institutions or banks. Vanguard is owned by Vanguard's US domiciled funds and ETFs. Those funds are in turn owned by its investors. This ensure that the interest of Vanguard is align to the interest of the investors. The profits that are earned are returned to the investors. Vanguard is not publicly traded. 

It was founded in 1975, total assets under management is $7.6 trillion.  Offers 191 funds in US & 230 funds in Canada.

Vanguard Canada was opened in 2011 & value of assets is $24 billion.

Vanguard Asset allocation ETFs

Conservative Income (VCIP) - 20% Equity, 80% Fixed Income

Conservative (VCNS) - 40% Equity, 60% Fixed Income

Balanced (VBAL) - 60% Equity, 40% Fixed Income

Growth(VGRO) - 80% Equity, 20% Fixed Income


If you are a novice investor and have some funds available to invest. The simplest thing you can do is, park your money in these four funds and let your money grow. You will keep getting dividends every year and the value of the ETF's will also keep growing. This is a lot better than putting your money in no grow checking or savings account.  Fill  & Forget  ETF's. 

Beat the market portfolio using Vanguard Funds.

Most of the bank advisers are sale agents, so they recommend funds that benefit the bank and would pay profits first to banks and remaining is distributed to investor. No one will recommend Vanguard funds, as this fund distributes the entire profit among investors.

Equity: 50%

Vanguard US Total Market ETF - VUN - 29.0%

Vanguard FTSE Developed All Cap ex US Index ETF - VIU 15.8%

Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets All Cap Index ETF - VEE - 5.2%

Fixed Income: 30 %

Vanguard Canadian Aggregate Bond ETF - VAB - 17.6%

Vanguard US Aggregate Bond Index ETF (CAD hedged) - VBU - 5.7%

Vanguard Global ex-US Aggregate Bond Index ETF (CAD Hedged) - VBG 6.7%

REIT - Real Estate - 20%

Vanguard Canadian capped REIT Index ETF - VRE - 20%