Debt Securities.

Issuer borrows money from Investor, and issues Bond.

The Investor lends money to Issuer and acquires a claim

Equity Securities.

Issuer issues shares to investor.

Investor lends money to Issuer and becomes an Owner

A common stock represents an ownership interest in the company. It provides owners with voting and cash flow rights in proportion to their size of their ownership stake.

A preferred stock is another type of stock issued by companies to investors. The owners get dividend from the company before any is given to common stock holders. They don't have voting rights

Typical Risk & Return of Equity & Debt Securities.

Index  Annual Return  Standard Deviation (Risk)
S&P 500 10.80% 15.60%
Russell 2000  10.35% 19.94%
MSCI Europe 10.81% 17.80%
MSCI Pacific  7.89% 21.13%
MSCI EAFE 7.09% 17.71%
Corporate Bond 8.82% 7.23%
Government Bond 8.15% 5.51%
World Government Bond 7.88% 7.04%

Stocks 250 Billion and above

US companies having capitalization greater than 250 Billion dollars

NameSymbolMkt Cap (USD)
AppleAAPL1.24 T
MicrosoftMSFT1.20 T
AlphabetGOOG931 B
AmazonAMZ886 B
FacebookFB588 B
JP MorganJPM430 B
VisaV406 B
Johnson & JohnsonJNJ384 B
WalmartWMT341 B
Bank of AmericaBA321 B
Procter&GamblePG313 B
MastercardMA301 B
Exxon MobileXOM286 B
AT&TT286 B
UnitedHealthUNH277 B
DisneyDIS265 B
IntelINTC261 B

Stocks 150 - 250 Billion

US companies having market capitalization between 150 - 250 Billion dollars

NameSymbolMarket Cap (USD)
VerizonVZ257 B
Home DepotHD242 B
Coca ColaKO235 B
Merck&CoMRK233 B
ChevronCVX226 B
Wells FargoWFC225 B
PfizerPFE217 B
CiscoCSCO201 B
ComcastCMCA200 B
PepsiPEP192 B
BoeingBA185 B
OracleORCL172 B
CitigroupC171 B
AdobeADBE158 B
NikeNKE156 B
Abbott LabsABT153 B
MedtronicMDT152 B

Stocks 100 - 150 Billion

US companies having market capitalization between 100 - 150 Billion dollars.

NameSymbolMkt Cap (USD)
MacdonaldsMCD148 B
NetflixNFLX148 B
SalesforceCRM146 B
AccentureACN139 B
Phillip MorrisPM133 B
CostcoCOST130 B
United TechnologiesUTX129 B
PaypalPYPL128 B
Elli LillyLLY127 B
BroadcomAVGO126 B
Union PacificUNP125 B
Texas InstrumentsTXN120 B
TravelersTRV106 B
StarbucksSBUX104 B
American ExpressAXP103 B