Alternative Financing

Technology has allowed new ways of funding, unlike the traditional loan from a bank

P2P - Peer to Peer Lending or P2P FInancing is the practice of lending money to individual or companies through internet or online services that match lenders with borrowers.

As this type of lending eliminated the bank overhead, the borrower can get money at a lower interest rate which will be still higher to the lender compared to a traditional financial institution.  e.g. Lending Loop.

Crowd Funding - is a type of loan where the lender requirement is broadcast through an internet site or other online platform and people will contribute funds at whatever denomination they can afford. For lending the money the lender gets some incentive, e.g. if the crowdfunding is for a startup company, they would provide them a product in return of their money. e.g. Kick Starter website.

ICO - Initial Coin Offerings. Such type of offerings is a type of Initial Public Offering, except this is for a company providing a type of crypto currency services or cash or exchange. People contribute in cash ETH or Bitcoin and in return they get the new coins at a premium.

Nasdaq was the first all electronic exchange since then the technology is changing the investing landscape, where people are able to make trades using their smartphones, e.g. robinhood application. High frequency trading is enabled using algorithm to make rapid buy sell decisions so that traders can get an edge.

Internet & smartphone is also enabling Real estate Purchase & renting, car pool and so on