Technical Analysis

Using historic stock  prices and market behavior to identify recurring patterns to help predict future stock price movement.

Fundamental Analysis

Studying everything other than trading on the securities market which can have an effect on a stock's value. Paying attention to ratios such as debt equity ratio, earning per share, dividend payout, quality of management, short, medium & long range prospects of different industries and companies.

Financial Instruments

Debt Instruments (Bonds), Equity Instruments (Stocks), Foreign Currency, Digital (Crypto) Currency, ETF, Investment Funds (Mutual Funds).

Our services

Equipping you with knowledge so that you can seek focused advise from your financial advisers. Using a portfolio of financial instruments based on your risk appetite, growth horizon and investment. It is never too late or available funds too low to start investing in the capital markets. Use power of compounding to build wealth and not to drain wealth. .

Grow your Wealth

Based on your risk tolerance and investment horizon, provide education services on what financial instruments are available for securing your capital

Buy a Home

Securing the best mortgage available in the market based on your credit profile, need, available capital, choice of desired home & your current situation.