Liberal Housing Plan
  • A new tax-free Home Savings Account for 40 & under to save $40K for downpayment
  • Double First time home buyer tax credit to $1500
  • Reduce CMHC insurance by 25% 
  • Increase CMHC cut-off from $1M to $1.25M
  • Ban new foreign home ownership for 2 years
  • Curb excess profits of large corporate owners, speculators & house flippers
  • New Home Buyer's bill of rights to ban blind bidding, increase sale-price and participant transparency, ensure home inspection rights and add mortgage deferrals for job losses
Make Law of Attraction work for you.
Think about a desire. such as a nice home for your family.
3 - write it 3 times in the morning & visualize, think you already own it
6 - write it 6 times in the afternoon & visualize as above
9 - write it 9 times in the night & visualize as above.
Wait for the results.