Urgent - Canada seeks foreign students, immigrants. Expedited processing of applications

The purpose of this website is to showcase the two beautiful regions of the world and to provide all available information to help people of both countries for tourism or immigration purpose. 

Canada is a beautiful country. A G7 nation, a country that still welcomes new immigrants, having excellent job & business prospects. It shares the world's largest border with USA. 
Uttarakhand is also called the "Land of Gods" (Dev Bhoomi) and is as beautiful as Switzerland & Canada.

People from uttarakhand will not miss the mountains and rivers when they come to Canada.

People can enter Canada as  an Immigrant, Visitor, Student, Worker or Refugee.

To get a Study visa, you need to first get admitted to a School, College or University and then apply for visa processing. 

As a Visitor, you can get at temporary visa for tourism purpose or to visit friends & family.

To apply as a Refugee status, you need to satisfy criteria of a refugee

You can get a work visa that allows you to work in Canada, your company will be sponsoring & applying your visa application.

To Immigrate to the country, you can apply as Skilled Immigrant, or Family Immigrant