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  1. Here are some of the most interesting analyst calls of the week
  2. In a new report, Jefferies said that addiction is emerging as a potential threat to the gaming industry, and that investors might not be pricing in the risk.
  3. Contrarian fund manager Nick Schommer is up a blistering 36.6% this year with big bets on Crown Holdings and Disney, among other stocks.
  4. Walt Disney, Walmart, Nike and Starbucks are among a small group of elite consumer companies that have overcome fears of digital disruption.
  5. The Atlanta Fed's GDPNow says growth is likely to come in at 0.3%. The New York Fed's GDP Nowcast is showing a gain of 0.4%.
  6. Asset managers including T. Rowe Price, Natixis and Fidelity have won the preliminary regulatory approval to launch nontransparent ETFs.
  7. Here are the biggest calls on Wall Street on Friday
  8. "We think that Uber is one major announcement away from a positive narrative change..."
  9. Analysts and investors have grown extremely bullish following record highs for stocks, but this much optimism can be a bad sign.

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